“Grapes are the heart of wine, and the soul is given by us, the wine makers. The essence of viticulture is in preserving what grapes give us, because the nature determines characteristics of the harvest, and we should play in tune with it”
Miodrag Mija Radovanović
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Creating wine

Miodrag Radovanović has inprinted thirty years of experience as an oenologist and the knowledge base gained at the Univeristy of Belgrade into all our wines, making them distinctive and authentic.

As one of the best and most experienced Serbian viticulturists, he knew how to combine the abundance of nature and serious and systematic work, first in the vineyard, and then in the cellar as well.

In our case, the primary and only goal of using modern technology is to preserve what grapes give us when it is harvested and to create a distinct link between its best characteristics and those reflected in our wines.

Along with the production part of the winery, featuring state of the art equipment that enables us to apply the latest information in oenology, we are especially proud of the part of our cellar where, as in a type of art workshop, we keep our highest quality wines in barrique barrels made of French, American and Serbian oaks.

We are playing a game with nature and its gifts which results in the creation of finest wines from Podrum Radovanović.

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Our 30 hectares of wineyards are scattered along the slopes of 220 metres high hills in a vast valley in the heart of Šumadija , on the soil where first vineyards were planted back in 1831.

Southeastern exposition of the vineyards planted in white varieties and southwestern orientation of the plots with red varieties enable good exposition of grapes to the sun, which, together with specific and favourable geological and climate characteristics of this area provide excellent conditions for a proper and healthy growth of the vine, as well as for good ripening of grapes. The result is a high percentage of sugar in the grapes, in some years even up to 25-26%, which is an extraordinary potential for the creation of strong, complex wines with distinctive character.

Specific soil structure, with a combination of various soil types – loam, clay, shale and lime – provides a base where, in line with moderate geological and climate parameters, we are building a unique terroir whose characteristics is truely reflected in our wines.

Nature in this region is very kind to grapes, and by timely harvest, by seizing a balance between technological and biological ripeness of the grapes, we are trying to preserve the best of what it gives us. The same principle is applied in 25 hectares of our cooperative vineyards.



  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Prokupac


  • Riesling
  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pinot Grigio


These are the emotions on which we have based our attitude towards viticulture from the very beginning. When it was established, in 1990, our winery was the first small private winery in Serbia. We had only one goal, which was to produce high quality wine that would bring Serbian viticulture closer to global standards. We are still on the same path, in search for the best wine that one day would place Šumadija, and the whole of Serbia, on the top of global viticulture.

The tiles in this mosaic have been carefully stacked, so that today Podrum Radovanović is one of the most renowned private wineries in Serbia, and beyond, which produces high quality wines.

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