In 1990, in the well preserved vineyard of his grandfather's, in Krnjevo, the heart of Šumadija, Miodrag Mija Radovanović established Podrum Radovanović, the first Serbian privately owned winery striving to make high quality wines.
„Viticulture is a constant quest. Therein lies its appeal.“
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The first chapter of the book called Podrum Radovanović started in 1990 when Miodrag Radovanović decided to restore his grandfather's estate and plant his first vine.

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Krnjevo has had a long lasting viticultural history with the first data on vineyards from this are dating back to 1831. Therefore it is no wonder that one of the most famous Serbian wineries is located in that area.

A good combination of climate conditions and soil enable our grapes to reach as much as 25% sugar content in good vintages.

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