Podrum Radovanović Literary Award

Podrum Radovanović Literary Award, which we established in 2014, is presented each year to one domestic writer – a literary classic who is also a wine lover - for their lifetime achievement.

The award winner is decided by a jury comprising renowned people from literary circles, and the award in the form of one barrique barrel (225 litres) of the finest wine from Podruma Radovanović is presented in the winery in October, during the harvest.

"If wine be poetry in a glass, then by establishing Podrum Radovanović Literary Award we wish that a glass of our wine inspires finest poetry and prose, which will be a mutual award for our joint efforts", said Miodrag Radovanović.

The first laureate was our renowned academician Ljubomir Simović, and the award presentation was complemented by placing a plaque with the winner's name on the barrel, as well as by a symbolic harvesting of one bunch.

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